Porta Engineering

At the beginning of the 90s, Porta built the first high quality alcohol distillery in the country, with an initial production of 20 m3/day. Since then, Porta has developed highly qualified professionals specialized in industrial processes, who have devoted themselves to investigate this technology achieving important developments. Some of them are:

  • Alcohol anhydration with molecular sieves for biofuel.
  • Distillation of acetic acid based on vinegar alcohol.
  • Development of high quality alcohol distillation systems.
  • Vinegar Acetic Fermentation.


  • Ingenio Santa Bárbara
  • Porta Hnos. S.A.
  • BIO4
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Strategic Partners

  • Alfa-Laval
  • Joint Venture con HDT Limited
  • Grace Davison

Contact Information

Porta Hnos. S.A.
Camino San Antonio Km. 4,5
X5016JXA, Córdoba
Córdoba, Argentina
Tel. +54 351 4942410